Men and Gemstone Jewellery

It is quite amazing how most of us automatically imagine that jewellery with beautiful stones in them are exclusively found on women. Thank you, Hollywood. The fact is that this simply is not the truth and men have been seen wearing beautiful jewels as well and there is no reason for that beautiful ruby to be exclusively used in female jewellery.

But which gemstones would be male appropriate? We are so conditioned about jewellery that we cannot even imagine which stones would work well in male jewellery and once we do get our heads wrapped around the notion, the immediate answer seems to be ‘something black’. But simply does not have to the case. So join us as we explore some of the more popular gemstones that are being worn by men with as much poise and elegance as any female.

The Blue Sapphire

There is no doubt that the Blue sapphire is hands down the number one gemstone for men. It’s the second hardest gemstone to buy, beaten only by the diamond. This means that will hold up well even for men who work with their hands and will last a lifetime. The dark blue tones are very masculine and it is a great colour to wear every day. Don’t buy a sapphire that is so dark that it looks black. Those lifeless sapphires are cheap and of a lower quality. Instead, get a sapphire with a nice intense shade of blue. For durability and looks, sapphire wins by a mile.

Lapis Lazuli

Arguably the most decorative gem in this list, lapis lazuli is an intense blue colour, sometimes flecked with black spots and gold-coloured pyrite veins that run through the stone.  Lapis lazuli has been prized since ancient times and was used in abundance to embellish the famous sarcophagus and mask of an Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun. In fact, it was one of the most prized stones of Egypt.  Said to represent truth, wisdom and protection, lapis lazuli makes a fitting gemstone for an engagement ring.
Like the previous stone, Lapis is also incredibly hard and durable, making it an excellent choice for a man’s ring.


Malachite is a green rock that looks like polished marble. Malachite is a very manly stone with black streaks, dark lines, spots and vivid green hues. Very stylish, very unique and always a crowd-pleaser.
Certainly, manly in appearance there are a few things to watch out for with Malachite though. It is not as hardy as the previous two stones. This doesn’t mean that it will chip at the slightest touch, but that it can eventually, after years of wearing get damaged. If exposed to intense heat on a regular basis – like a man that likes to make fire – a malachite can eventually lose its colour and become grey. This does however still look absolutely beautiful.

As you can see that gemstones are indeed not only meant for women and that men can wear gemstones without them looking feminine at all. In fact, some stones look almost masculine on women and seem more fitting on men.