At a Glance

A quick look at both stones would make you think that there is almost no difference between the two. An untrained eye will certainly not be able to pick up differences when even looking at the two up close and personal. In fact, to the average Joe on the street, the only difference would be in the price tag. A cubic costs far less than an actual diamond.

So, what then are the differences between the two stones? Is one better than the other? How does the average person on the street discern between the two stone? This is a brief guide to answer some of those burning questions.

Of course, the biggest difference between the two is that the cubic is human-made, whereas the diamond is made by mother nature. As such the diamond is much harder than the cubic and will of course last for much longer than the cubic. This does not mean that your cubic won’t be long lasting. If taken care of your cubic will last for a very long time, but the diamond will last for lifetimes.

Both stones are of course of the sparkling variety. What is more mesmerizing than gazing into the beautiful sparkles of your ring? And if it is the sparkle that attracts you like a murder of crows, then the cubic is your choice. Even though both stones are brilliant sparklers, the cubic was made to have more of a sparkle and will in that regard always outshine the diamond. What is important to note is that these beautiful rainbow reflections are created due to the dispersion rate that differs in the two stones. When it comes to reflective sparkle, the Diamond is far more brilliant than the cubic, as light completely differently through a diamond as what it does through a Cubic.

Colour and Value

Cubic Zirconias are made to be colourless. They are the man-made versions of the clear diamond. But in fact, diamonds come in a variety of shades and colours. The diamond colour scale is measured on a scale that reaches from D to Z. D being the most commonly known clear diamond.

If you are buying the stone to be of monetary worth for generations to come then you should probably look at purchasing a diamond. Cubics loose their value the moment you buy them and automatically have just about no more value in terms of money. We are not saying that a diamond is the best investment on the planet, but a diamond will always have value. It is estimated that a diamond will always retain a value of 50% of its original value. Of course, this can fluctuate depending on the diamond surge on the market.

It easily becomes clear that if you are purchasing a ring that will give you bragging rights and some value for money, then you should definitely get a diamond. However, they are incredibly expensive and we cannot all afford them. For the person that is not interested in the money value behind the ring, but more the emotional value, the cubic is the way to go. As with everything in life, different stones for different folks.